BALI ECOTOURISM // We have found the most sustainable place on the island

Despite climate change has become a major  issues to face in order to save our beautiful planet, sadly there are still only a very few resorts and accommodation facilities that have chosen to operate in an environmentally conscious way.

Probably most of them think that this would involve too much work, without realising that even small changes (to start with) would be truly helpful for our planet. Some examples?
Switching to eco-friendly / natural cleaning products as well as soaps in rooms ; reducing energy consumption by encouraging and educating guests to turn off lights and aircon when not needed ; using energy saving bulbs for lighting ; using water saving settings for washing machines and dishwashers ; changing towels only when necessary (with the collaboration of conscious guests) ; avoiding any single use plastic items (such as straws, plastic water bottles, plastic bags etc)

All these are tiny little things that do not require major works or particularly huge investments, and yet they could already make a huge difference for our environment: imagine if every single hotel in the world would start from these few easy steps!

In Bali we have found a very special place that not only does all the above, but has been doing even more for over 20 years! Its name is SARINBUANA ECO LODGE, located in remote central Bali, in the middle of a tranquil rainforest. Continue reading

Discovering Ubud through sustainability || How to be an eco-traveller in Bali

Our recent trip to Bali was mainly focused on eco tourism and sustainable travel.

Through our travel diary, we aim to encourage future visitors to choose wisely their accommodation and food experiences when planning a stay on this beautiful island, as it could make a huge difference for our Planet too.

We have only spent  8 days in Bali but we managed to visit three areas, very different from each other, in order to be able to give detailed insights and hopefully useful advice when it comes to sustainable travel.

Our first stop: Ubud.

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