The other side of traveling

Travel diaries can be about different aspects of a trip.

I don’t just want to help future travellers with tips about great vegan eats and awesome spots to visit worldwide. I also have the moral responsibility to raise awareness about what happens to animals in countries with different cultures.

This pics have been taken during my last trip to the Philippines.
We have dedicated few days driving around the islands with a rented motorbike, looking for neglected animals to help. Beautiful and sentient creatures left on the side of the road, surrounded by rubbish, tied up to trees, with no shelter and no love.


It’s been very hard. Locals were watching us questioning why we were feeling that way. We tried to start a couple of conversations, but most of them couldn’t speak or understand any English. So frustrating, standing there and being unable to do almost nothing.



How do you feel about this? Do you really believe deep inside yourself that this baby piglet deserves his life to be prematurely ended only because “bacon tastes awesome”?
Is taste a valid justification for the violence towards billion of baby animals, knowing humans nowadays do not need meat to survive or to be healthy?


We were all born vegans. We would have never been able to hurt an animal if asked to.
What has made us change? Culture? Habits?
We can change again.

Millions of us have already done it. Towards a better and more compassionate world.
If you wouldn’t kill these animals yourself, stop paying others to do it on your behalf.
Be compassionate. Please. Make the connection.

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