Ubud, Vegan Heaven // Best places to eat

They say Ubud is vegan heaven.

They ain’t lying!

Finding vegan options has never been so easy, and what amazed me the most is how tasty and delicious everything was! Not boring or flavourless at all.
So,  I want to share with you the best spots we’ve been to.


This place literally blew my mind! As soon as you get there you can already feel the positive vibes surrounding you. The concept behind it is encouraging CONNECTION. Connection with like minded people. Connection with Mother Earth, through a menu entirely designed by using ingredients sourced locally. Zest proudly supports organic farmers and chooses what Nature offers from the local food forests.

To mention some of their unique ingredients: Soursop, Starfruit, Moringa, Mungbean, Jackfruit and Cassava. These amazing gifts of nature, combined with the cooking skills of the wonderful humans at Zest, made their mouthwatering menu possible.

Zest is definitely our number one choice in Ubud. We strongly recommend  to plan a visit there when traveling to Bali. No disappointment there!


Located inside the lovely Swasti Eco Village, this restaurant offers many different options, starting with the amazing buffet breakfast, which changes almost every day according to what’s in season.
Their menu mainly offers dishes created by using ingredients coming directly from their onsite Organic Garden, which takes more than 25% of the land.

We had the chance to try few items from their new menu and it was so easy to fully taste the real flavor of the ingredients, totally free from any chemical or pesticide.

Swasti Beloved Restaurant is open also for lunch and dinner and they often schedule themed nights. Everyone can visit and eat here (not just the Village’s guests) so we highly recommend to pop in and fully enjoy this  experience.


Guys, I’m gonna say it … yes, this place is a VEGAN ALL YOU CAN EAT!!
You can literally eat as much as you want for like less than 6 AU$!! And the food choice is amazing!
This place is located very close to the Monkey Forest and it’s the perfect option for those traveling on a budget


Right next to Veggie Karma, another amazing and super cheap ALL YOU CAN EAT. With less than 5 AU$ you can enjoy as much food as you like. It’s Vegan and it’s also Gluten Free!

I have to say we’ve been positively surprised also by the variety of accidentally vegan snacks easily found at the supermarket. To mention our favorites: GENJI BISKUIT PIE (Original flavor) and PHIA DURIAN PUTRI, both sweet snacks. Both super affordable (less than 1 AU$).

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