For the last part of our Bali trip we have chosen a totally different setting. The main reason is that many people decide to visit Bali for fun, beach life and night life. So we thought it could have been useful to share good tips for those who will spend their time in the Canggu / Seminyak areas, which are among the most touristic destinations in Bali.

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BALI ECOTOURISM // We have found the most sustainable place on the island

Despite climate change has become a major issue to face in order to save our beautiful planet, sadly there are still only a very few resorts and accommodation facilities that have chosen to operate in an environmentally conscious way.

Probably most of them think that this would involve too much work, without realising that even small changes (to start with) would be truly helpful for our planet. Some examples?
Switching to eco-friendly / natural cleaning products as well as soaps in rooms ; reducing energy consumption by encouraging and educating guests to turn off lights and aircon when not needed ; using energy saving bulbs for lighting ; using water saving settings for washing machines and dishwashers ; changing towels only when necessary (with the collaboration of conscious guests) ; avoiding any single use plastic items (such as straws, plastic water bottles, plastic bags etc)

All these are tiny little things that do not require major works or particularly huge investments, and yet they could already make a huge difference for our environment: imagine if every single hotel in the world would start from these few easy steps!

In Bali we have found a very special place that not only does all the above, but has been doing even more for over 20 years! Its name is SARINBUANA ECO LODGE, located in remote central Bali, in the middle of a tranquil rainforest.

We can without hesitation say that this lodge can be considered the most sustainable place on the whole Island. What they have done and still do should be a leading example for any resort . From the moment they started building the bungalows they have followed the natural lay of land, respecting the surrounding environment and only using local timbers and materials harvested from the property. Even the bamboo used for furniture and construction is grown on site.

This hidden gem offers a multitude of quiet areas to disconnect with chaotic and stressful life and reconnect with nature. There are no TVs in rooms and WiFi reception is only limited to the restaurant area, in order to encourage guests to spend some time meeting likeminded people and build up some new friendships, sharing healthy conversations and experiences (sometimes we tend to forget about the importance of human relationships outside the digital world).  
Their tree top YogaShala crafted from local giant bamboo, offers free yoga sessions twice a day at 7am and 4pm, run by volunteer instructors. What a great opportunity for some extra relax!

No chemicals are used anywhere around the property. All cleaning products are natural, and even pest control is. Organic fertilizers are used for the garden, which offers over 150 edible and medicinal plants. There is no waste of unnecessary energy:  clothes dry under natural sunlight and only natural gas is used for cooking and heating water. Even the oil used in the kitchen get recycled to become beautiful candles to light up your dinner overlooking the rainforest.

The food prepared at the lodge is mainly vegan (only very few exceptions) and all ingredients are local, mainly sourced from their own gardens. We have also taken part in a little cooking class held by their Balinese chef (all staff at Sarinbuana is local) and it has been amazing to hand pick every single fresh ingredient just a few minutes before its consumption. They even offer free tours around the property to get to know their plants and what they can be useful for.
So you can be 100% sure that everything you’ll eat here is fresh, seasonal , naturally delicious, beyond healthy and also good for the environment!

If all this already sounds amazing, wait! Cos there’s much more!
Sarinbuana EcoLodge offers a multitude of low-impact activities and believe us when we say it is so hard to choose from! Locals are trained and employed to run workshops and to take you for educational walks, trekking, mountain biking and even to give you the most relaxing and needed massage! Some of their workshops include: cooking classes, Balinese calligraphy, wood and stone carving, traditional instruments and the list is way too long! Ahahah
 Supporting the local community is really important for the founders of the Lodge: they sponsor children’s English classes, football training, uniforms, tournaments and dance classes.

Even the preservation of local wildlife has been highly promoted in the last 20 years, with a focus on breeding projects, captive wildlife releases, monkey rescue and a continuous planting scheme to increase bird and butterfly population.

So if you are wishing on spending some time in this unbelievable place, make sure you plan your trip accordingly cos you will definitely need at least 5-7 days there in order to enjoy even a taste of what they offer! We personally couldn’t recommend this place enough and sadly we feel we haven’t spent enough time there (which is a perfect excuse to visit again! Ehehe)

So here are some useful info to consider before planning your stay:

HOW TO GET THERE: Sarinbuana EcoLodge is located approximately 2hr from Denpasar Airport. You will need a private transfer as no public transportation reaches the area. You can choose from getting your own rented vehicle, hiring a private driver (very cheap in Bali) or book a transfer directly with the lodge. On the way there you’ll be amazed by the breathtaking landscapes and the picturesque rice terraces that the area offers.

WHEN TO GO: Bali is beautiful all year around and if you are looking for some relax, the weather shouldn’t become your main concern. Just keep in mind that normally the wet season goes from October to April and the dry season goes from May to September.  We can guarantee that watching the heavy but quick showers from your bungalow is quite fascinating.

WHAT TO BRING/WEAR: I would totally suggest to take advantage of the situation and for once just take with you the most comfortable clothes. Immerge yourself into nature and forget about fancy dresses. Just remember comfy shoes for trekking and your own reusable travel kit : water bottle, straws, cutlery etc.

HOW MUCH? Sarinbuana EcoLodge offers different types of bungalows, including budget options. Prices normally start from 100AUD with breakfast and yoga included. Please check their website HERE for more info and availability.

Ubud, Vegan Heaven // Best places to eat

They say Ubud is vegan heaven.

They ain’t lying!

Finding vegan options has never been so easy, and what amazed me the most is how tasty and delicious everything was! Not boring or flavourless at all.
So,  I want to share with you the best spots we’ve been to.

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Discovering Ubud through sustainability || How to be an eco-traveller in Bali

Our recent trip to Bali was mainly focused on eco tourism and sustainable travel.

Through our travel diary, we aim to encourage future visitors to choose wisely their accommodation and food experiences when planning a stay on this beautiful island, as it could make a huge difference for our Planet too.

We have only spent  8 days in Bali but we managed to visit three areas, very different from each other, in order to be able to give detailed insights and hopefully useful advice when it comes to sustainable travel.

Our first stop: Ubud.

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Avoiding overtourism and crowds in Vietnam // Ninh Binh & Tam Coc rice fields

Vietnam is a huge country, bigger than what it might look on a map!

It definitely hasn’t been easy to choose what to visit considering the short time we had there and the variety of landscapes and experiences this country can offer.

But we’ve decided to head South.

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An unexpected trip to Vietnam // Hanoi to Halong Bay

Our trip to Vietnam wasn’t planned at all.
Everything started with a wedding invitation from one of our best friends from Italy who got engaged with a Vietnamese girl. So we totally took advantage of this opportunity to book a few extra days in order to be able to visit this beautiful country. Unfortunately due to work commitments back home we only spent 9 days there but we surely made the best out of it!

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