For the last part of our Bali trip we have chosen a totally different setting. The main reason is that many people decide to visit Bali for fun, beach life and night life. So we thought it could have been useful to share good tips for those who will spend their time in the Canggu / Seminyak areas, which are among the most touristic destinations in Bali.

First of all, I have to admit that it hasn’t been easy to find sustainable accommodations there.

Only after a good research we have finally run into a very amazing place that is making great efforts to switch into an 100% eco friendly resort. Its name is THEANNA ECOVILLA.

Walking into our little private villa, our breath  was taken away by the beauty and peace surrounding it. Every room has its own privacy and its own little pool. The bathroom looks directly over it and I had the most relaxing moment enjoying a bath overlooking the water.
Since stepping into the bathroom area you can already notice a few things that the hotel has been introducing in order to be more sustainable. Starting from their eco flush system for the toilets to their towel change policy.

All around the resort you won’t find single use items. No plastic straws, no plastic bags, no single use napkins and not even single use serviettes in the toilets located in the main restaurant area.

The staff is truly amazing and always (and I mean ALWAYS) happy to assist with any request. We have been blown away by the amazing kindness showed by the chef of the resort’s restaurant, The Loop Pool Bar, who every morning has prepared us the most delicious breakfast turning traditional Indonesian dishes from the menu into vegan version goodness. The place isn’t vegan unfortunately but all the staff in the kitchen has been very respectful and willing to accommodate our needs. At the end of our stay they have also accepted our advice to introduce more vegan options in their menu. We were so happy to see how open minded they have been towards our ideas and this made us feeling confident that things will soon change, in order to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly also in the kitchen.

Just around the corner from the Villa, you can easily find a few places where you can hire a motorbike for a very few dollars a day to explore the surroundings (and it’s definitely worth it!) We have been to Tanah Lot temple at sunset , enjoying the breathtaking colors of the sky melting with the ocean. So magical. Watching sunsets on the beach was actually our favorite evening activity and we totally recommend to do that as much as possible if you visit Bali.

Ok.. beautiful and romantic… but, let’s be honest, the main reason why we rented a motorbike was to easily reach all the hundreds of vegan restaurants and cafes that the area offers LOL
And I’m going to give you a list of our absolute favorites that we believe you truly shouldn’t miss when staying in Canguu and Seminyak.

It hasn’t been easy to pick a list of places cos this area is literally vegan heaven and our time was very we will take this as a good excuse to come back and try them all in the future!

Let’s start with a little café , based in Canggu, with a big good cause: GIVE Café. And what a better name for it, as they literally give 100% of profits to those who need it the most! Every month they choose three different charity organizations belonging to different categories such as Animals, People and Planet. When you purchase your food (which by the way is absolutely delicious and 100% traditional Indonesian with a vegan twist) , according to the amount spent, they give you wooden tokens. And you decide where you would like the profits from your meal to go. Isn’t it just amazing? The power to change the world little by little is literally in your hands! So genuinely happy to support places like this, we wish there could be more!

Give café’ has a sister, located in Seminyak, and “her” name is KYND COMMUNITY. Probably one of the most instagrammed restaurants in Bali, this place not only offers indescribable yummy food but also a so unique atmosphere you will not want to leave, ever! Fortunately we got there quite early cos this place tends to fill up very quickly. And I also got lucky enough to sit in the spot I really dreamed since knowing about this place: come on you know how much I love pink (*obsessed*) !
We tried few dishes (an explosion of flavors) and their colorful yummy drinks too. Currently unable to give advice on what to choose from the menu cos literally everything is actually overly delicious there, so you really can’t go wrong!
Right next to the restaurant they also have a little ice cream shop (yes even their gelato is perfect for Insta pictures!) with a nice vegan merchandise corner where you can purchase cute cutlery, ethical made t-shirts and more.

Next stop in Seminyak will have to be FALAFEL TEMPLE. If you are into middle eastern food this place will make you fall in love even more! Not talking about the interior design of the restaurant which is stunning, their  platters are the most colorful and tastiest ever. You just can’t stop dipping that homemade pita bread and falafels into the huge selection of mezzeh and hummus! And yes we tried all of them .. eheh

Back to Canggu, there’s a place that definitely needs a mention, and it’s the SHADY SHACK. Overlooking the rice fields and only steps from the beach, this restaurant offers a healthy but full of flavor menu. We couldn’t choose what to eat as the variety was just mind blowing and also their drinks are something you shouldn’t miss. We have been there for both lunch and dinner and I fell in love with the design of their spaces.

Not far from the Shady Shack you can also find the perfect spot for a snack, and that’s PLANT CARTEL. I couldn’t stop eating their jack fruit popcorn and they literally saved our stomachs the first night we arrived in Canggu as they were the only vegan place still open late and we were starving to death! Plus they give a percentage of their income to approved environmental non – profits and they donate their used cooking oil to be converted into Biodiesel for School Bio Buses, which I personally find really amazing.

If you’re traveling on a budget, OMA JAMU is the place to go for lunch or dinner (or both actually! LOL). Located on the main road of Canggu, this little restaurant overlooks breathtaking rice fields and banana plantations. It’s 100% vegan and it offers a delicious buffet with tens of options to choose from. Pick your favs and only pay few dollars for a plate full of healthy yummy food.
Perfect for the end of the holiday when money is basically all gone and you feel broke as!

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